The Little Couple Reality Television Show on TLC

Project: Garage resurface
New Construction

The prime time television show featured on TLC, The Little Couple, contacted JAAVIS Group to epoxy coat the garage floor of the Kline’s garage. The couple had just finished building their dream home and their garage was in need of coating for clean- ability, durability and aesthetics. The project was under a tight shooting schedule and needed to be completed in one day. In addition, JAAVIS only had 4 days to prepare for the project in Houston, Texas.

JAAVIS used its proprietary 2-part 100% solids epoxy formulation to coat the 650 sq. ft. garage surface. The floor was grinded to achieve a profiled surface, primed, all cracks and expansion points were patched with an epoxy cabosil mixture and top coated. The entire project was turned around and completed in 1 – 10 hour shooting session.

Color: Dark Grey
Coating Thickness: 20 mils