Our company was built on the development and distribution of our proprietary epoxy mortar and polyurethane resin concrete patching systems.  These systems were designed to repair, restore and renew damaged concrete.  From these beginnings and over the last 30 years, JAAVIS has refined its concrete replacement, restoration and renewal systems and can vary from such minor imperfections as she-bolt holes, snap-tie holes, or normal weathering to major damages resulting from water energy or structural failure.

These are some of the repair, restoration and renewal jobs we have completed:

  • Sulfate Deterioration
  • Cyclic Freezing and Thawing Deterioration
  • Abrasion Corrosion Damage
  • Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel
  • Cavitation Exposure
  • Acid Exposure
  • Cracking
  • Structural Overloads


These are just some of the materials that we have used for repair, restoration and renewal:

  •  Portland Cement Mortar
  •  Dry Pack & Epoxy Bonded
  • Shortcrete
  •  Replacement Concrete
  • Epoxy Bonded/ Epoxy Mortar
  • Polyurethane Resins
  • Thin Polymer Concrete Overlay